A Budgeting App You’ll Actually Use.

Swish is a budgeting app so simple, you’ll actually use it.
Finally understand where your money goes.

Spend fearlessly.

Want to treat yourself to dinner? Go for it. You've got $54 left today. Want to buy those concert tickets? There’s plenty left this month.

Know at a glance how much is left to spend, and never worry if it’s in your budget again.

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Master your money.

Brushing your teeth is a simple daily habit. Mastering your money should be just as easy.

Build a 30-second habit that helps you understand where your money’s going & spend more of it on what really makes you happy.

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Reach your goals.

Looking at pie charts doesn’t help you pay off your debt, book that trip to Europe, or buy your dream house.

Make daily progress towards your goals with bite-sized coaching lessons.

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What Our Users Say

“Swish is so simple that I actually use it every day. It's by far the best spending tracker app I've tried. I know exactly how much I can spend each day/month to be able to hit my goals.”

Leah Melnick via Facebook

“I hate jumping through flaming budget hoops with a moped to get my budget to align with the universe. Swish makes it easy for me to focus on things I actually like doing.”

Lukas Ruebbelke via Facebook

“Swish gives me a clean, fun and beautiful design that helps me focus on the right numbers...”

Kim Win via Twitter

Ridiculously Secure.

We never store your bank username or password. Instead, linking your account grants Swish read-only access. This means we can never transfer your money, change your settings, or do anything else but read transactions and analyze trends for you.

We use industry-leading 256-bit encryption and conduct ongoing security audits to make sure you’re completely, ridiculously secure.

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More Than a Spending Tracker.

Dear You,

Here’s the truth. Your budgeting app only works if you actually use it.

Too many budgeting apps force you to set a budget for every single category. Do you really need separate budgets for air travel, hotels, and vacation?!

Too many budgeting apps force you to categorize every transaction, or set up rules that don’t really work.

And too many budgeting apps give you pie graphs and bar charts, when what you really want are insights.

If you want to save for the future, get out of debt, or have better control over your finances, you need a budget you can actually stick to.

*     *     *

You Don’t Have to Live Like a Monk

If life is a journey, then money is like fuel. It’s not the point, and most of us would rather think about something else.

But you need money to get where you’re going.

You can’t just ignore money altogether, at least not forever. So how do you spend responsibly without living like a hermit or pinching pennies like Scrooge McDuck?

*     *     *

So Simple You’ll Actually Use It

We believe tracking your spending should be as simple as reading a fuel gauge.

There are no spreadsheets or complex reports in Swish. Instead of dozens of budgets, you’ll only have one.

Instead of spending 3 hours every few months categorizing your transactions, you’ll spend 15 seconds each day seeing exactly how much you can spend.

If you’re like most Swish users, this daily habit will totally transform your relationship with money. You’ll know exactly how much you can spend each day, and you’ll never have worry about treating yourself to that latte or buying those concert tickets.

Making good financial decisions will actually feel good.

You’ll stop spending your money on the crap that doesn’t matter and start spending it on things that actually make you happy.

*     *     *

We’re Here For You

We love using Swish every day, and we think you will, too.

If you need help, or you have any questions, you can always email us at hello@swish.com.

We’re here every day building the best damn budgeting app on the planet.

Team Swish

Are you ready to control your money?

Swish is the 100% free, ridiculously secure spending tracker app.

It's available for iOS , Android , and the web.

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