Effortless Budgeting with Free Daily Budget Reminders

An Easier Way to Budget.

Know how much you can spend at a glance
and put your budget on autopilot.

Swish Makes Budgeting Automatic.

Securely connect your credit cards and bank accounts.
See how much you can spend at a glance with daily spend updates.
Get financial clarity automatically; no need to sort every transaction.

What Our Users Say

“This is, by far, the best budgeting app I’ve used. No more categorizing every transaction!”
Zack Allen
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“I love the simplicity of this app. All I need is the daily reminder of how much money I have left to spend.”
Jeff Whelpley
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“Swish really is effortless… after signing up I quickly found out how much money I can spend every day.”
Peter Casinelli
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