Swish - Spending Tracker App That Helps You Finally Understand Your Money

Become Financially Fearless.

Finally understand where your money goes every month,
and start spending it on what matters most to you.

Spend fearlessly.

Want to treat yourself to dinner? Go for it. You've got $54 left today. Want to buy those concert tickets? There’s plenty left this month.

Know at a glance how much is left to spend, and never worry if it’s in your budget again.

Swish App Spending Tracker Screenshot - Left to Spend

Master your money.

Brushing your teeth is a simple daily habit. Mastering your money should be just as easy.

Build a 30-second habit that helps you understand where your money’s going & spend more of it on what really makes you happy.

Spending Tracker Daily Alert

Reach your goals.

Looking at pie charts doesn’t help you pay off your debt, book that trip to Europe, or buy your dream house.

Make daily progress towards your goals with bite-sized coaching lessons.

Spending Tracker Guided Coaching

What Our Users Say

“Ditching my old budget has been incredible. I don't have a food budget or a clothes budget anymore. If I want to grab dinner or buy some jeans, I just make sure I stay under my daily spending amount.”

Peter Casinelli via Facebook

“Checking in on my finances once a day instead of once every few months has been amazing. Now I know exactly where my money is going.”

Jeff Whelpley via Facebook

“Swish is so much more than a spending tracker. For years I struggled to actually save money. Now I’m well on my way to buying my first house.”

Tim Noetzel via Facebook

Are you ready to control your money?

Swish is the 100% free, ridiculously secure spending tracker app.

It's available for iOS, Android, and the web.